P29/kilo Kadiwa rice nears Pres. Marcos’ P20 goal in new Agriculture Dept. trial

July 4, 2024
4:44PM PHT

The Department of Agriculture (DA) will launch "Program 29" on July 5, an initiative led by President Marcos, to provide high-quality rice at P29 per kilo to 6.9 million vulnerable households encompassing approximately 35 million Filipinos.

The DA the program is a significant step towards achieving the President's campaign promise of rice priced at P20 per kilo.

In a press statement, Secretary Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr. announced that 10 Kadiwa centers in Metro Manila and Bulacan will participate in this large-scale trial, offering rice at P29 per kilo every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Agriculture Secretary Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr.
The large-scale trial aims to gather comprehensive data on supply, demand, and logistics, essential for the smooth nationwide rollout of the program.

The initiative, initially available in three Kadiwa centers, aims to gather comprehensive data on supply, demand, and logistics for a smooth nationwide rollout.

The DA estimates that full implementation of the P29 program will require approximately 69,000 metric tons of rice. This will provide 10 kilos of rice per month at P29 per kilo to the targeted 6.9 million vulnerable households.

Rice supplies will come from various sources, including the National Food Authority, the National Irrigation Administration's rice contract growing project, and potential imports managed by DA-affiliated entities.

Beneficiaries include senior citizens, single parents, persons with disabilities, and cash subsidy program recipients. To monitor purchases, Kadiwa will issue booklets to these beneficiaries. Identified Kadiwa sites include locations in Quezon City, Manila, Taguig City, Las Pinas, Caloocan City, Valenzuela City, Marikina City, and San Jose del Monte City in Bulacan.

Tiu Laurel stressed the importance of preventing reselling of subsidized rice, aiming to maximize benefits for those in need. The DA plans to expand the program to major urban centers nationwide by August, doubling the number of participating Kadiwa centers and enhancing accessibility for economically disadvantaged groups.

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