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Nocon was previously the corporate communications specialist and later employee engagement lead for Solar Philippines. Prior to that, he held senior editorial positions at Stratworks, Inc. and Fuentes Manila, both leading public relations and marketing communications firms. In advocating for film preservation and archiving, he was a member of the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film, the NCCA Cinema Committee, and was a pioneer staffer of what is now the Philippine Film Archive under the Film Development Council of the Philippines. As a writer, his byline has appeared in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Adobo Magazine, Mabuhay, and ABS-CBN’s ANC X.

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9 Jul 2024

Does one call AIM's honoree JAZA? Jaime? Jaime Augusto? How about ‘Dr. Zobel’?

Recognizing his achievements in business and his steadfast commitment to leadership, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) recently bestowed the Honorary Degree of Doctorate in Management upon Dr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala — or JAZA as he is popularly known — the chairman of Ayala Corporation.
30 Jun 2024

INSIDER FOCUS: How did the Philippines billet 3,000 guests for 1976 global confab? Easy — with a hotel building boom.

The year was 1976, and 14 gleaming new international-standard hotels now dotted the metropolis, all furiously built during an unprecedented construction frenzy. The impetus? The annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to be held in October of that year which saw 3,000 delegates in attendance.
22 Jun 2024

INSIDER PROPERTY: Pablo Antonio's 1949 Pasay heritage house is on the market

It's not everyday that one comes across a property for sale designed by and owned by a national artist. So it was, therefore, a surprise to learn that the ancestral house built by Pablo Antonio on 2650 Zamora street in Pasay is on the market, at a gross selling price of P350 million.
21 Jun 2024

INSIDER FOCUS: Menstrual cup 'mompreneur' changes perceptions, educates women, disrupts market

The topic of women's health, particularly reproductive and menstrual health, is rarely discussed openly, more so in the Philippines. Even conversations between mothers and daughters are rare, and the subject is almost considered taboo.
16 Jun 2024

‘A bank is forever’: remember Far East Bank and Trust Co.?

The existence of the Far East Bank and Trust Company – FEBTC or Far East Bank depending on the era – may already be a distant memory. But let's look back on the history of what used to be one of the country's premier financial private institutions which in 1999-2000 merged with the Bank of the Philippine Islands in a mega deal.
4 Jun 2024

INSIDER FOCUS: A toast to 40 years of the San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex

The architectural icon – noteworthy for its sustainable, Filipino-inspired design elements, making it truly ahead of its time – now stands four decades strong.
4 Jun 2024

LIVES WELL LIVED: Ad exec, writer Barbara 'Tweetums' Gonzalez remembered

The acclaimed writer and former advertising executive succumbed to cancer last May 28, Friday, at 79
2 Jun 2024

INSIDER FOCUS: Gil Puyat — portrait of a businessman as statesman

Senators not very long ago were held in better respect and higher esteem. One such gentleman was Senator Gil J. Puyat, elected in 1951 under the Nacionalista banner, ranking second overall, and who served as the last Senate President from 1967 to 1972 until the imposition of Martial Law.
25 May 2024

INSIDER FOCUS: The house that sugar built — the rise and struggles of the Roxas empire

The two listed firms that young tycoon Leandro Leviste has in his crosshairs have old history and heritage going back over a century.
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